Individual Therapy

In our fast-paced, success driven world, it can feel as though everyone has the answers except you.  In truth, however, anxiety, depression, and other issues are incredibly common.

The pressure we feel to excel can contribute to stress, our sense of self-worth, and the desire to escape or give up.  Life doesn’t always go as planned, leaving us confused, vulnerable, sad, angry or stressed.  Unexpected changes can hinder our daily life and damage our relationships.  Thankfully there is a way to slow down, develop new insight into yourself and learn how to create long lasting satisfaction in your life. Individual therapy can help you achieve these things.

Together we can address issues concerning

• Depression, anxiety and low self esteem
• Anger and trauma
• Addiction and recovery
• Gender and sexuality
• Stress management and work-life balance
• Cross-cultural issues
• Life transitions
• Grief, loss and bereavement

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