Couple Therapy

My approach to helping couples begins with scientific research and human emotion. Relationships should be a source of friendship, love and support, but negative patterns can develop in any relationship. I work carefully to ensure both partners feel equally supported during the delicate healing process.  Using my training and expertise, I walk couples through a unique process of unpacking and then rebuilding their relationship.

Couples therapy can help you gain practical tools to help you feel more connected to your partner, learn to manage emotions and address repetitive patterns that continue to cause stress and disconnect in your relationship.  It can improve communication and listening skills, repair trust and insecurities, increase intimacy, and help cope with differences in lifestyle choices.

Couples therapy can be instrumental in restoring balance to relationships in crisis, but can also serve to maintain the health of ANY relationship.  In time, you and your partner can develop new productive patterns and feel equipped to face future challenges with shared trust and respect. Love is not just a feeling.  It’s a choice we make every single day!



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